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Over 10,200 Brazilian Keratin Treatments Performed in Our Salons Since 2010!

Sophia La Belle Brazilian Keratin Treatment

  • Removes frizz makes hair much more manageable
  • Hair can be washed "within 24 hours"
  • Repairs damaged hair done by any previously chemically treated or relaxed hair, sodium Hydroxide Thio Chemical, Japanese Straightening treated hair
  • Reconditions the hair texture enhancing the shine
  • Sophia La Belle treatments minimizes and softens the curl pattern anywhere from 40% to 80% and in many cases up to 100% for wavy fine hair
  • Depending on the treatment level, hair texture, level of activity in lifestyle, use of after treatment products, Sophia La Belle Brazilian Keratin Treatment levels can last 3.5 to 6 months
  • All products are: Thermal, UV, & Color protect, Sulfate & Sodium Chloride FREE.

Sophia La Belle Brazilian Keratin Treatment is a permanent non-chemical reconditioning and straightening service for hair. This ground-breaking hair-straightening process is available in three different lines to meet your hair needs. It replenishes, and conditions hair without harsh chemicals, leaving you with beautiful smooth, shiny, frizz free, and manageable locks. In addition it protects your hair from coloring, highlighting, heat and other processes that may take a toll on your hair.

Sophia La Belle Brazilian Keratin Treatment uses a combination of Collagen, Monoi oil from the island of Tahiti, Argan oil and all other essential vitamins and amino acids for a shiny and smooth result. The process penetrates and replenishes hair from the inside and provides a protective coating on the outside. Sophia La Belle Brazilian Keratin Treatment can be done on all types of hair from curly to wavy to frizzy or damaged hair leaving you with rejuvenated smooth and healthy hair. Watch these short videos to learn more about the Sophia La Belle Brazilian Keratin Treatment line or call us for free consultation over the phone.

Simple After Treatment Care

Sophia La Belle offers a full line of after treatment products specifically designed to help you maintain your newly found healthy hair. This line of products has been formulated and manufactured with the latest Industry standards and desired levels for all hair types. Using these products will continue "treatment" long after you've left the salon by continuing to eliminate frizz, split ends and help repair over-processed hair.

In addition, these products offer color protection and UV protection ingredients which are also low in PH, Sulfate and Sodium Chloride-free. Continuing to nourish and recoat your hair with these same essential oils found in the initial treatment process will ensure the life of your Sophia La Belle Keratin Treatment.


  • Attention return clients: Please buy from website OR by calling directly. Returning clients always get the sale price and never pay regular prices.
  • Please buy Your Package online (or call) first, and then call us for an Appointment.
  • Please be prepared for rainy days and have an umbrella with you.
  • We understand that emergencies happen, but your appointment date and time is being held "exclusively" for you, so we ask that you give us at least 72 hours notice of a schedule change.
  • 2 hours time is allocated to perform your services, so it is strongly appreciated if you could arrive 10 minutes early. Since we are appointment based only it is not possible to accept short notice for cancellation, or rescheduling. A 15 minute delay will lead to cancellation and "forfeiture". No exception.
  • Sale price apply only up to bra line.
  • Free consultation before and after each service with purchase of Brazilian Keratin Treatment.
  • Keratin Treatment minimizes the curl pattern anywhere from 40% to 80%, and in many cases up to 100% for wavy hair. In addition, our Keratin Treatment by Sophia la belle can last 3.5 to 5 months.
  • FREE haircut, and 20% offall color, and Hair extension services. Shampoo, Blow dry and Style are also included with these services. All service are available by appointment ONLY!
  • Haircut/trim is available for additional $40. Subject to time availability at the time of service.
  • Depending on length and density of hair, each Keratin session usually takes approx. 2 hours. Being 10 min. early is greatly appreciated.

What is Naturaganic by Sophia La Belle Brazilian Keratin Treatment?

It is a permanent NON-CHEMICAL Reconditioning service. This revolutionary hair-straightening process available in 3 different lines/levels replenishes, and conditions your hair without harsh chemicals, giving you smooth, shiny, frizz free, and manageable locks, while protecting your hair from coloring, highlighting, over-processed, heat and water damage. Brazilian Keratin Treatment by Sophia La Belle available in Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland should be called a Miracle for eliminating frizz, damages and split ends and giving the Health back to the Hair while adding Collagen, Monoi the Oil from Tahiti island, Argan Oil and all other Vitamins and Amino Acids for a shiny and smooth result. Using keratin Collagen, and Protein this process penetrates and replenishes hair from the inside and provides a protective coating on the outside. And, the best part is keratin hair treatments can be done on all types of hair: curly/wavy/straight, frizzy, damaged by color/bleaching, young, old, dull! Please watch the videos below to better select the level of Brazilian Keratin Treatment or just call us for FREE consultation over the phone.

Magique BRAZILIAN KERATIN TREATMENT $400 $169 Lasting up to 5 months!

Merveille BRAZILIAN KERATIN TREATMENT $500 $219 Formaldehyde FREE Lasting up to 5 months!

Miracle Ultra BRAZILIAN KERATIN TREATMENT $500 $219 Lasting up to 6 months!

What is Magique Brazilian Keratin Treatment?

What is Merveille Brazilian Keratin Treatment?

What is Miracle Ultra Brazilian Keratin Treatment?

Sophia La Belle Ladies Color Lab Services

Sophia La Belle Salon & Brazilian Keratin Treatment offers a plethora of coloring options for the look you desire. From demi-permanent color, permanent color, a bleaching and toning system, to Finest Pigments you can be confident the color you desire or compliments you the best is available through our color selections.

All of our color services include a shampoo service with a relaxing scalp and neck massage. Ladies you will be finished with Sophia La Belle Salon Signature Blow-Dry that's best for your look when your appointment is schedule with a haircut service.

Touch-up Color Retouch, Shampoo, Blow Dry, FREE Haircut/Trim and Style $155 $125
Single-process Full Color, Shampoo, Blow Dry, FREE Haircut/Trim and Style $185 $149
Full Highlights, Shampoo, Blow Dry, FREE Haircut/Trim and Style $255 $199
Partial Highlights, Shampoo, Blow Dry, FREE Haircut/Trim and Style $215 $169

Hair Extensions 100% human Hair no Wax or Glue

Sophia La belle's Hair Extensions are the leading hair enhancement system that allows you the flexibility to customize each extension service to match your guest's specific needs. Blend Original, Petite, Mini Strands and Plus extensions to achieve the perfect look each and every time. Our Salon professional can attach a full head of the ultra-thin adhesive bands with 100% Remy Human Hair to natural hair in less than one hour. The results are customized, seamless and comfortable hair extensions that blend flawlessly and invisible with natural hair.

After wearing the extensions 8 to 10 weeks, they can be easily and gently removed with the help of our remove solvent and then reapplied at the root, making them reusable and cost effective. Our variety of packs allows for creative freedom and versatility with color and style effects. Using our method, our 1000 color combinations are made possible with over 50 shades.

What separates Sophia La Belle's Hair Extensions from the competition? Sophia La Belle extensions are available in 7 unique band styles – Original, Original Plus, Petite, Petite Plus, Mini Strand, Mini Strand Plus & Hairband. With such available product offerings, Sophia La Belle provides a solution for guests seeking length, volume, coverage, color effects, haircut correction, instant hair and more.

Introducing the newest in extension color technology – Colormelt Create gorgeous ombre inspired hues without ever lifting or damaging your guest's natural hair. Beginning with a natural shade, Colormelts gradually melt into a second and third hue. Colormelts are available in 14 Shades including naturals, pastels, metallic and vivides.

Hairband instantly pumps up the volume and maximizes length for a gorgeous head of extensions in less than a minute, giving guests added volume and effortless style anytime. Made from 100 Remy Human Hair and placed on a hand sewn weft, hairband stretches to fit every head shape and size, truly making it the must-have accessory for every woman. Hairband is a patent-pending accessory that does not include any hooks that may cause discomfort during wear.

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Hair Extensions Maintenance Guide