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Naturaganic formaldehyde free keratin treatment brought to you by Sophia La Belle has partly originated in South America and Middle East, formulated in France, and has manufactured in USA. Our current production line is available to many countries around the world. We, at Sophia La Belle are proud and privileged to bring you our very best. We have invested numerous amount of time, many years of different experiences and knowledge as well as large amounts of capital to develop product lines that would ensure total satisfaction, and quality that you deserve. Sophia La Belle has a strong confidence in providing high quality products with competitive prices.

Sophia La Belle is the dreamed destination in the revolutionary hair solutions industry. As such, our mission is to provide the highest quality products at lowest prices to impress those professionals who realize the need of the desired Keratin Collagen Treatments for their salons, clients, friends and family members.Keratin Collagen

Sophia La Belle offers the most advanced formaldehyde free keratin treatment, Brazilian Keratin Collagen Treatments which uses the best Nano Technology in the latest Industry Standards today. Any choice of Sophia La Belle Treatments is an advanced process which truly transforms the hair in its entirety. We are honored to be chosen by you and many of our clients, thus we would like to welcome you to experience our line of products and witness the visible immediate results in the same day of application.Keratin Collagen

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