Best Practices

Keratin Treatment Best Practices

  • Sophia La Belle in Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland has 3 level of Keratin Treatment lines. Our products are superior and only available through our salons. Sophia La Belle Keratin Treatment are sealed in the salon, so no 2 to 4 days wait like other Keratin Treatments. For Maximum results, we recommend Shampoo hair within 24 hours. NOTE: Ask your stylist for more information.
  • For best results we generally recommends that you color your hair “anytime” before the treatment, or wait 10 days to 2 weeks after treatment. NOTE: You can schedule your color services and Keratin treatment with us for the same day service in Washington DC and Virginia locations.
  • Unlike hundreds of other Keratin treatments out in the market, only with our superior Brazilian Keratin Treatment lines, you can tie or wear your hair in a ponytail; you can pin it back or wear it behind the ears. Note: If you do get any creases, no problem just flat iron.
  • Another great benefit of Sophia La Belle Brazilian Keratin treatment lines is that you can go to gym, outdoor exercising, pool/beach right after. Unlike other Keratin Treatment brands there is no limitations with our products BUT you must use our shampoo, condition and spray leave-in condition right after shower due to sweating that contains Sodium chloride which will affect the Keratin molecules.
  • Over counter and other brand sulfate and sodium free products WILL NOT offer the same results! We strongly recommend “Sophia La belle after Treatment lines” of products for many reasons. The list includes but not limited to the facts that after treatment products by Sophia La Belle are designed to maintain our “brand” of Brazilian Keratin treatment for much longer time (Up to 3.5 to 6 Months) They are all color protect, and UV protection ingredients also low in pH in order to keep the hair cuticle closed and our brand of Brazilian Keratin Treatment in your hair long after the service, so Keratin treatment would last long and look great, and Sulfate & sodium chloride free.
  • Please keep in mind that average hair grows about 1 inch per month away from scalp, and obviously new grown hair does NOT have the Keratin on it. Depending on hair texture, life style, and speed of growth it is recommended that you do your Keratin often and not to wait too many months. It is strongly recommended that you do your keratin before it completely fade away on the hair shaft. Ask your stylist for more information and recommendation.
  • Sophia La Belle Brazilian Keratin Treatment (Washington DC Virginia and Maryland) can be performed on highlighted/colored hair, or immediately right after highlight/color service.
  • Avoid any hair products such as Hair Sprays, Gels or Mousse containing Alcohol, Sulfate & Sodium Chloride.
  • If you get ridges in your hair in the morning because of sleeping on it, use either a blow drier or a flat iron to straighten those sections; although flat ironing the whole hair during the first 24hrs helps to seal the treatments well in the hair.
  • After the Treatments, Avoid doing any Color, highlight services on the treated hair up to 10 days to 2 weeks. Instead, give those services BEFORE the treatment or same day as close to the service day as possible.
  • Sophia La Belle Brazilian Keratin treatments (Washington DC, Virginia VA, Maryland MD) can be done on any previously chemically treated or relaxed hair, sodium Hydroxide Thio Chemical, Japanese Straightening treated hair BUT only AFTER 2 WEEKS!
  • We do offer Formaldehyde FREE Brazilian Keratin Treatment BUT we highly recommend that pregnant/breast feeding clients get permission from their doctors first before having any Keratin service done with us as we are not responsible. The Treatments can be done on Women and Men. Minimum age for the treatment is 8 years and up.
  • You can get your hair trim or haircut before or after treatment.
  • Although our treatments last 3.5 to 5 months (Depending on the level of treatment, texture of the hair and use of our after treatment products and clients life style), if needed our Treatments can be done on a monthly basis or every 2 months to cover the new growth area as well. There is NO retouch application only, since the more you do these treatment, it seals into the hair more and more, so it will be done from roots to ends again each time.
  • NOTE: Keratin treatments last 3.5 to 5 months depending on the level of our Keratin Treatment, texture of your hair, your active lifestyle, hair density, current condition and past history of the hair, and use of ONLY Sophia La Belle after treatment products. But over all our product happen to last longer than any Keratin Treatment in market, have none or very little Formaldehyde, eliminate frizz, minimizes and softens the curl pattern anywhere from 40% to 80% and in many cases up to 100% for wavy fine hair while keeping nice and beautiful body in hair, repair, and recondition damage hair and bring back to healthy level.