Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment In Salon Near Me

Longing for frizz free, straighter, manageable, healthier, smoother hair? One of the popular options is Keratin hair-straightening treatment. If you’re thinking about Keratin hair treatment salon near me, we offer the perfect Brazilian Keratin Treatment that lasts 3.5 to 5 months and you can wash it within 24 hours.

Our stylist applies a keratin hair-straightening product to your hair and then uses the heat of a flat iron to seal it in. The process within 2 hours, depending on your hair’s length.

Not all keratin treatments are created equal, and Sophia La Belle Brazilian Keratin Treatment happened to be in top 5%. We do offer 3 different level of Sophia La Belle Keratin Treatment lines to cater to clients with different lifestyle, needs, and hair texture. We process a safe and effective keratin treatment.

If blowing out your strands feels more like playing tug-of-war, you could take advantage from keratin smoothing results. Our keratin treatment works on any type of hair.

If you have a question in your mind what does a keratin treatment actually do? As overly porous hair causes frizz, tangles and breakage, Sophia La Belle keratin treatments fill in the porosity of your hair. Do you know? Your hair is made up of keratin, so the keratin treatment is all about putting the protein back into the hair that is often lost due to chemical services, color, highlights, blow drying, excessive flat ironing, and age. This treatment essentially repairs the damaged areas, you see the difference with increased shine, silkiness, and frizz free and an easier styling process overall. With us, you can be assured our stylist uses the best formula combined with lots of experience to do your service right every time because we specialize in Sophia La Belle Brazilian Keratin Treatment since 2010.

With our Keratin hair treatment, you will find that the keratin smoothes the hair without ever breaking the disulfide bonds. With more intense straightness being achieved with multiple treatments over time, this gives you a consistently smooth result every time.

No matter what type of texture your hair have, we have experts here who will guide and suggest you the best options that will lend you a makeover look and with the help of our specially formulated after treatment products you can maintain the treatment for much longer time. Our services are so much reliable and affordable (Starting $169 and UP) that will definitely impress you in no time. Visit us today or call us now for any query, we are here to assist you in the best possible manner as we value your money and time both.