Get the Hair You Deserve at Sophia La Belle

It is great to be an adventurous but not with your hair. Just like going to an eye doctor or dentist you must always careful who you trust for your Keratin Treatment. If your quest is to search the best Brazilian Keratin Treatment near me, then Sophia La Belle can be the right approach for you. The Salons are located in two great location for your convenience and you can easily find out by searching through search engines these keywords: Keratin treatment near me, or hair treatment near me in order to find Sophia La Belle Brazilian Keratin Treatment Centers.

What Makes Us A Great Approach for Your Quest Of The Best Keratin Treatment Near Me?

You may ask what is so special about our Keratin Treatment. Well, the Brazilian Keratin Treatment we provide is NOT available anywhere in USA or Canada. Our products last longer than hundreds of other keratin brands and are best for the purpose they are used. When you search for the best hair treatment near me we would be the answer for you. Please feel free to visit our website and judge us based on how serious we are in our specialty which is Brazilian Keratin Treatment and Hair Botox. Read the reviews on Google and Yelp and talk to your friends, family, co-workers etc. chances are they are already our clients. Unlike “all” other salons we do NOT buy Keratin treatment product and resale or apply on our client hair. We have our own brand which are patent and trademarked. We even have our own chemists. We import our scent from France and our Keratin Treatment was one day formulated not so near and actually in Brazil but fortunately they are being manufactured now in our own facility in USA.

Sophia la belle is located in Maryland Washington DC and Vienna VA. There is no waiting after hair treatment is done. Meaning you can go back to work, dinner out, school, or you can go out without worrying about your hair being greasy or dirty or flat looking. You can go to GYM or swimming, walk in the rain and feel comfortable knowing that your Keratin Treatment and Hair Botox is sealed in and longevity will not be effected.

We are the one stop solution for a number of people searching for the best-in class Brazilian Keratin Treatment near me and Keratin Hair air Botox The reason behind is our unmatched services and the result we provide through them. You can have them done every 3 to 5 months or as often as you like. Hair treatment near me uses Keratin protein as its main ingredients to protect your hair.

Sophia La Belle uses a combination of Collagen, Monoi oil from the island of Tahiti. Also, Aragan oil and all other essential vitamins and amino acids are also included. In our treatment, we use Monoi oil and Aragan oil for a shiny and smooth result. The process penetrates and replenishes hair from the inside and provides a protective coating on the outside. Sophia La Belle hair