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Various Causes of Hair Damage & Hair Loss

a. Normal hair

b. Dry, dull in color hair

c. Porous frizzy hair

d. Hair breakage

e. Split ends

f. Knotting hair

g. Shattered Hair Shaft

NATURAGANIC Treated Healthy Hair

Did you know that our hair’s structure, strength, and stability come from millions of disulfide bonds? Unfortunately, these bonds can be easily broken, leading to damage, breakage, and even hair loss. Luckily, NATURAGANIC® offers complex treatments, aftercare, styling products, and unique vitamins that can restore your damaged hair and help you grow thicker, fuller, healthy hair. NATURAGANIC® HRCS (Hair Rejuvenation Complex System) repairs from the inside out, ensuring that all the hair bonds are intact and aligned. Once this is achieved, you’ll have healthy, beautiful, shiny, and touchable hair.

There are numerous reasons why hair can become damaged, including excessive use of blow dryers, curling irons, and flat irons, as well as color and bleaching services. Environmental factors, such as pollution and UV exposure, can also cause damage. Chemical services like perms and relaxers, styling products, cold weather conditions, aging, and lifestyle also contribute to hair damage. In addition, using hard water, hair bands, and hair extensions can damage the cuticles, leading to split ends, frizz, dryness, dullness, breakage, tangled hair, and excess waves and curls. Nº.2B1 & Nº.2B2 Intensive Bond Repairing Hair Botox Treatment is a unique treatment infused with the NATURAGANIC® Bond Building, Repairing, and Curl Reducing System, which works to condition and repair hair from the inside out deeply. Not only does it replenish your hair’s natural moisture levels, but it also provides a protective coating on the outside to help keep your hair healthy and strong. Nº.2B1 & Nº.2B2 can be done on all types of hair, including frizzy, straight, wavy, curly, and damaged previously chemically treated, including color and highlight services. Nº.2B1 & Nº.2B2 can also be done on relaxed hair, sodium Hydroxide Thio Chemical, and Japanese Straightening treated hair (But only after 2 weeks! Please call for free consultation). Please remember that our treatment results depend on and may vary based on the client’s lifestyle, hair texture, curl pattern, constant use of aftercare products, time of the year, personal diet, level of activity, etc.

Nº.2B2 Hair Botox treatment is suitable for all hair types, and it can last anywhere from 2.5 to 5 months, although results and last may differ depending on the consistent use of aftercare products, hair texture, and lifestyle of each individual. This innovative hair treatment uses a blend of premium active ingredients to provide hydro-nutrition and anti-aging benefits, resulting in smoother and healthier hair. By infusing nutrition and hydration into hair follicles, the Nº.2B2 Hair Botox by NATURAGANIC® provides immediate and progressive results with each additional session. This innovative system smooths hair and restores its natural shine without harsh chemicals. It also repairs damage caused by coloring, highlighting, overprocessing, heat, and water. The secret behind this system is the HRCS (Hair Rejuvenation Complex System), which is a precise concentration of active ingredients such as collagen, vitamin B3, B5, B7 Biotin, vitamin E, amino acids, stem cells, aloe vera, argan oil, caviar, monoi oil, and keratin proteins. With this combination, your hair is protected, reconditioned, and repaired, making it healthier and more beautiful. The Nº.2B2 Hair Botox treatment is a semi-permanent, non-chemical solution that guarantees moisturizing, nourishing, repairing, reviving, and making your locks more manageable from the very first use. It provides thermal protection, UV protection, and color protection while being SLS-free and pH-balanced.

NOTE: Please note that for serious hair loss/damages, and scalp-challenged cases, it is recommended to consult a dermatologist.

Hair loss can be caused by various factors such as pregnancy, childbirth, moving to a different place, stress from work or school, going on and off of certain medications, lack of sleep, poor diet, insufficient vitamins, hormonal imbalance, excessive use of styling products, cold, dry winter weather, aging, sun exposure, and excessive hair washing. NATURAGANIC® offers REJUVENATE3, HAIR, SKIN & NAILS vitamins, the science-based answer to fuller hair, smooth skin, and strong nails. REJUVENATE3 vitamins work on a molecular level from the inside out to rejuvenate, repair, protect, help promote the growth of thicker hair and maintain healthy hair against all forms of hair damage and hair loss. The good news is that NATURAGANIC’s REJUVENATE3 vitamins innovative formulation system can Lead to Full, Healthy Hair, softer, hydrated skin, and stronger nails.


REJUVENATE3 vitamins contains Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), a rich source of sulfur, which promotes hair growth. MSM also strengthens hair and increases blood supply to the scalp, encouraging a full mane. What’s more, the formula includes 5,000 micrograms of biotin, a B vitamin that keeps hair strong due to its important role in the natural hair-manufacturing process. The formula contains the active, most usable forms of other B vitamins, such as B6 and folate, to promote fuller hair. In addition, zinc is included to stimulate hair growth and help maintain its youthful color. The hyaluronic acid (HA) in REJUVENATE3 vitamin moisturizes the skin. Replenishing HA—which declines with age—leads to soft, smooth skin, supports the skin-healing process, and enhances dermal tone. Plus, sulfur-rich MSM in the formula keeps skin soft, supple, and smooth. REJUVENATE3 vitamins contain horsetail herb extract, a rich source of silicon. Silicon is necessary for full, shiny hair and promotes collagen synthesis. Additional collagen in the formula leads to firm, hydrated skin. HA provides synergistic support by nourishing and hydrating collagen. Biotin in the REJUVENATE3 HAIR, SKIN & NAILS formula strengthens nails and will keep them from becoming brittle. Furthermore, the primary mineral in nails is silicon. That’s why silicon-rich horsetail herb extract may promote strong nails.

NATURAGANIC® aftercare and styling products are special because they contain the NATURAGANIC® intensive bond building & repair HRCS (Hair Rejuvenation Complex System) also. This system works to repair and deeply condition hair from the inside out. It can restore natural moisture levels and create a protective layer on the outside to promote healthy, strong hair. These treatments are appropriate for all hair types and can even help NATURAGANIC’s Hair Botox and Brazilian Keratin treatments last longer. Although results may vary depending on the combination of products, hair texture, and individual lifestyle. Similar to NATURAGANIC treatments, all aftercare and styling products use a mixture of high-quality active ingredients to provide hydro-nutrition and anti-aging benefits, leading to smoother and healthier hair.

NATURAGANIC® complex formulation system is the HRCS (Hair Rejuvenation Complex System), which is a precise concentration of active ingredients such as collagen, vitamin B3, B5, B7 Biotin, vitamin E, amino acids, stem cells, aloe vera, argan oil, caviar extract, monoi oil, and keratin proteins and other vitamins and minerals.

NOTE: Our HRCS (Hair Rejuvenation Complex System) system is included in every one of our styling and aftercare products.