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NATURAGANIC® Vs. Other Brands

BENEFITS & INGREDIENTS NATURAGANIC BrazilianBlowout La-Brasiliana Coppola Cezanne OLAPLEX
4 Different Keratin Protein (Soy, Silk, Wheat, & Rice) & Collagen
Vitamin E
Vitamin B3, B5 Pantothenic Acid, B7 Biotin
Stem Cells
Caviar Extract
Aloe Vera
Argan Oil
Sunflower Extract
Monoi De Tahiti
Repair & Rejuvenate: Colored, Heat & Chemical Damaged Hair with Vitamins, Minerals, & Oil
Last up to 3-5 Months
Helps Hair shaft Grow Healthier, Promote Stronger, Thicker, Full Hair
Same Day Ability to Workout, Swim, Wash Hair, Put Hair in Ponytail, or Go Back to Work
Fragrance Based Directly imported From France
A Dietary Supplement to Promote Full Hair, Smooth Skin & Strong Nails Available with Treatments
Effective Aftercare Products That Support Longevity of Treatments & Hair Styling
SLS-Free (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate-Free)
Remove Frizz, Reduce/Soften Waves & Curls, Make Hair Dry Faster & Much more Manageable, Treated Hair Becomes Shiny, and Silky