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" My experience plus results at Sophia La Belle were nothing short of perfect. I came here after searching for a place to have a keratin treatment in the DC area that didn't cost $500-600. I purchased the package online for $219 that lasts for 6 months - don't do anything less than $219, the quality of the product won't be as good.
I came in on a Sunday at 3 and was out by 4:20.
Thank you for making my life easier! "
Lindsey B. Washington, DC

"Miracle Ultra - Superior Keratin Treatment I have been a client of Sophia La Belle for the past three years and have been consistently amazed by the results this treatment provides. My hair is not curly to start with but is frizzy and irregularly wavy, which in the Summer time especially can turn quite unmanageable and unattractive. In the beginning, I was afraid of trying out this treatment, mainly because my hair is fine and the keratin blow-outs I had tried in the past had made the situation worse, causing breakage, split ends and overall thin/flat-looking appearance. None of these aspects are desirable, obviously... Here is how Sophia La Belle won me over: 1) The product they use is actually not the average straightener (I was not going for the look anyways); it is a high-quality, restorative and full-body supporter of your natural hair allowing it to be flexible, free from frizz and much easier to style 2) After treatment my hair color looks so much better - I am not sure exactly where the magic comes from but my colored chocolate brown hair gets super shiny with auburn undertones after treatment and it makes it very natural and unique (usually get compliments for it) 3) The staff is absolutely knowledgeable, professional and serious about what they do. They treat each person with the attention a client deserves and they are committed to achieve the results you are looking for. They are open and honest about your looks and results after treatment without over-promising just for the sake of the sell. Bottom line, if you are super curly, they'll never tell you that after this treatment your hair will look flat-ironed once you're out of the shower... If that's the straightening solution you are going for then this may not be your answer. In my own experience, this is a keratin treatment that enhances, improves and restores the health of my hair... Adds shine, makes it super easy to style and does not give you the flat/sad look of hair with no volume. It lasts in my case up to 4 months, washing once every three days (no swimming pool, light work-out schedule). P.S. Last perk, in case you need one more: they just got a keratin fume extractor that sucks in the bad fumes that come out when they blow-dry the product into your hair. The new machine is efficient, silent and futuristic looking. I got my hair done today and being a cold day in February I can't say how much I appreciated the fact they did not have to open doors and windows to circulate fresh air while I was there! "
- L.H. Arlington, VA

" I have done Brazilian and Coppola Keratin before bit they were leaving my hair flat, thin and without body. In addition, those were stripping color of my hair and turning it from deep auburn to a yellowish and brassy color. Faramand is very professional and does a great job straightening my curly hair; I have done the treatment 4 times now and my hair is soft, manageable, straight with lots of body and incredible shine. Due to previous chemical proceeding, my hair was think and brittle but now it is looking so healthy and think that I get lots of components for it. Thanks to Faramand and his Keratin treatment my long hair is now thick, shiny, straight with a nice body and an incredible deep color that turns heads. I strongly recommend it. "
- DC R Washington, DC

" I am very glad I found Sophia La Belle! Faramand did a great job and took the time to explain the treatment. I got the Miracle Ultra which seemed like the obvious choice -- it is definitely powerful and not an "express" keratin which haven't been worth it in my experience. After washing a day later, the wave in my hair was much more relaxed with no frizz. It's been holding up well during a humid week in DC. So look no further if you're looking for an experienced, thorough stylist who provides keratins at a great value in DC. "
- Nicole S. Fort Lauderdale, FL

" First time getting a keratin treatment and I love my hair! Even after the first wash, it still looks so smooth and healthy. Faramand did a fantastic job. He explained everything did to me and had amazing attention to detail. I look forward to having great looking hair even throughout the humid summer. I will definitely be back! I wish their products came in travel sizes- I'll be transferring them to smaller bottles for my upcoming trips. Great experience here! "
- Laura K. Washington, DC

" Just went for my keratin treatment last night and couldn't be happier with how gorgeous my hair looks. It's silky, shiny and completely free of frizz. Faramond is great; professional, quick and funny. All in, the treatment and the products are a really good deal. Plus, I was out of there in under two hours. I'll definitely be returning as soon as my frizz does! "
- Laura C. Takoma Park, MD

" This place REALLY works. I was very skeptical coming into it that anything could fix my frizzy and perennially breaking hair, but after seeing a noticeable difference in a friend's hair after she frequented Sophia la Belle, I decided to give it a try myself. I've been absolutely thrilled with the results - my hair has actually grown and become stronger, and I finally have confidence when it comes to my hair. I had tried other keratin treatments that didn't work, so I'm so happy i've found one that does. Highly recommend! "
- G C. Washington, DC

" I've been coming for several years and tried other places before. They have consistently done a good job here. And they always charge a fair price. I usually also try to get a haircut when I go- Sepideh does an amazing job! "
- Vimala R. Washington, DC

" This was such a great place!!! So, this was my first trip ever to a salon and I was really nervous. I am a person of color and have natural, 4c, fine, tangly, virgin hair and was simply looking for anything that could me to better manage it. When I came in, I noticed how pleasant and comforting the vibe felt. The owner, Faramand greeted me instantly and looked at the book and remembered that we had chatter for a while on the phone the previous day (they're appointment only). His fiancee did the wash and he did the Miracle Ultra treatment. I usually wash my hair in sections and comb through it rather than brush but for the treatment it was washed all together and a paddle brush was used to brush through which was tough. Halfway through, when I was feeling painfully bad for Faramand he said "It might be your hair, but it's my art." I thought that was super sweet and made me feel as though he had been in similar situations before and that I had no reason to be embarassed about my hair's natural state. All in all, it was a great experience. I just did my first wash at home today. It usually takes 4 hours to wash, deep condition, dry, flat iron and style. Today it took 2 and my curls looked so gorgeously tame after the shampoo. I'm really really grateful that I've done the treatment and will definitely be back in a few months for my second one. As you can see from the photos, after the wash, my hair looked like a rat's nest. But after the treatment, it looked great! "
- Shaunbay P. Washington, DC

" Why does straight hair look so damn good? Due to the great Yelp reviews I decided to try Sophia La Belle for the keratin straightening treatment. I had done the Japanese treatment in NY and VA several times from 2010-2014 and loved how my hair looked, but it got brittle and damaged after repeated uses so I stopped. Thus, almost three years later, when I walked into the salon today I had a head full of frizzy, curly hair that looks worse than any of the "before" photos you'd see on a promotional website. I had not tried keratin before because I was scared about the formaldehyde since I have asthma, but the salon has good ventilation and uses an overheard machine to suck whatever fumes are emitted. This is not to say that there are zero irritants, but I cannot bare to be in most salons for more than a few minutes and I had no problem sitting in this salon for the full two hours. Ultimately, Faramand did an awesome job straightening my long hair (it goes halfway down my back) and Sepidey (I think that is her name) fixed my not awesome layered haircut with a great style, while keeping the length. Since I got the treatment today and won't wash my hair until tomorrow, the jury is still out as to whether my hair will suffer the same fate under the keratin treatment that it did with the Japanese (i.e. become brittle), but *damn* does it look good right now. "
- Sam L. Washington, DC

" What an amazing keratin treatment here at Sophia La Belle. Faramand is professional, on time and loves what he does! I promise you will not be disappointed!! "
- Nancy D. Bethesda, MD

" Great surprise! When I first learned about Sophia La Belle, I hesitated. It sounded a little too good to be true. Turns out it was even better. I have super curly/frizzy hair. It was looking dry and frizzy after a treatment at another salon, so I figured I'd try Sophia La Belle. The treatment was great. They limit customers in the salon to two, so it's quiet and peaceful and quick. The products work well for my hair. I've been three times now and I've seen both Faramand and Sepideh, and they were equally good and somehow left my hair with a little body. I've been straightening my hair for years, and this has been the best so far. "
- Michele O. Washington, DC

" I was looking for a quick cut & colouring & came across this salon on Yelp. They took me in as a walk-in for the last appointment even though they are by-appointment only & I ended up getting their Miracle Keratin Treatment as well since I had been wanting one for a while. The stylists Faramand & Sepideh were very professional, knowledgeable & patient with me. I can say i'm very satisfied with the treatment & I will most likely come back here! Note: They do require prepay with appointments & you will be responsible for the cost if you don't cancel the appointment within 72 hours. "
- Sonia J. Anaheim, CA

" Sophia La Belle is a great product that lasts 6 months. Faramand and Sepide are both very professional and do a fantastic job. I love getting this service done to my hair; it makes life very easy and convenient. My hair looks great after the treatment and takes less time to style. Stays straight and frizz free in rain and humidity. Highly recommend getting this treatment done to your hair! "
- Christina E. Washington, DC

" I have been going to this place for three years and love it. The product is really good and it has transformed May hear into manageable strands and able to walk out the shower and set naturally with no frizz!!! The treatment last pretty much for six months to a year Which is amazing. Service is great and they are so fast to get you in and out of the salon within a couple of hours. "
- Farah A. Washington, DC

" After receiving many different types of keratin treatment over the years for my hair, this is the best Treatment I've ever had. I will never go anywhere else! My hair remained frizz free and low maintenance for about 4 months. Such an nice salon and Faramand is excellent and professional. "
- Morgan L. Washington, DC

" I've been straightening my hair with keratin or Yuko for the past 15 years and I am very, very picky and I demanding. I've had my hair done at the Yuko salon in Beverly Hills, in Europe and in Asia b/c for the past 5 years, I've been overseas so needless to say, treatments were far less expensive than the US---but at a great quality. After relocating to DC last year, I took my time finding a salon to do keratin (as Yuko is just too expensive for me here) and after reading reviews I decided on Sophia La Belle. I have VERY long, very thick, naturally wavy/a little frizzy, red hair. I called and talked to Faramand and he was very informative (though I feel like I know the drill since I've been doing it so long) and he was accommodating, helpful and quoted my a price a little higher than the promotion but ONLY b/c my hair is so long--and I appreciate knowing this beforehand and not going in and being told 'oh you owe an extra XXX amount b/c your hair is so long' -- very professional of him to inquire and let me know first---so I booked the first appointment last June and it was GREAT. My hair looked amazing through the DC summer and then into the fall. I would say easily it lasted 3.5 months, just at the 4 month mark was I thinking 'ok, I need to get my hair done again'. I just made my second appointment and again, it looks FANTASTIC! It's shiny, not frizzy, and straight (which I love), and I've already gotten so many compliments on it. Faramand is prompt, kind, helpful, friendly and attentive in doing your hair perfectly. He can easily tell when you're up for talking, or when you want to just read your magazine or zone out! ha! He also is very knowledgeable about the product and process and can answer any questions or make recommendations as well. He makes sure you are comfortable and he never seems annoyed or like he's tired from drying/straightening. You can tell he has a real passion for his clients and their hair. I didn't end up doing the products this time just b/c of a personal preference with a brand I've been using for a long time, but I will say his products smell amazing!!!! I have used them previously and did really like them. I will continue to use Sophia La Belle while I'm living here and love, love, love the way my hair looks!!! "
- L G. Arlington, VA

" I have been getting Keratin treatments with Farmand since 2012 and I would never go anywhere else. The Miracle Ultra turned my hair from frizzy and dry to soft and smooth. The results also lasted 6 months! This salon is excellent. If you have frizzy hair and want manageability, I highly recommend Sophia La Belle. "
- Lydia C. Glover Park, Washington

"A friend told me this place had the best Keratin treatment in the DMV area and I had to try it. I went 6 months ago and it was the best decision I have ever made. My hair was perfect, with just a 5 minute blow-dry I would be ready like out of the salon. The teatment only took 2 hours and after that for 6 months my hair was not an issue anymore. I liked it so much I just went again for my second time. Great staff, very attentive and they know their stuff. First time I decided to try the products and now I can't live without them. If you want an Keratin treatment you need to come here. "
- Iriana C. Fort Washington, MD

"I've been getting keratin treatments from Faramand for a few years and can't imagine having anyone else touch my hair. Not only are the treatments nearly 50% less expensive than those of other salons, but he genuinely cares about making you a long term customer. His care doesn't end with the keratin, though. Faramand offered to cut my hair after the keratin, again for about 50% cheaper than what I normally spend. If you have curly or frizzy hair and live in the DC area, I highly recommend the investment! "
- Rebecca M. Washington, DC